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practice call. 918-595-4500. at least 7000 people went to that dentist and so far maybe more. in about three seconds, the governor. >> tonight on huckabee. >> a lot of people who call themselves christian don't understand what it means to follow jesus. >> he was a pastor of a large church and living a comfortable life style . why he gave it up. >> spend it on things that don't matter and rather than to people who need it >> and what if i told youjesus came to abolish christian. he -- religion. >> religion, i hate it and i literally resent it. >> jeff becky joins the governor tonight . plus, he was 11 years old and hungry and asked her for money on the street. she didn't give him money but
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something more valuable that lasted more than 25 years. >> governor mike huckabee. >> thank you, [ applause ] >> thank you very . welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in people of faith are observing the important dates in christian and jewish life this week. eastern this weekend and passover this past monday. i am aware of the fact that it is not fashionable to center one's life around faith. if rid cull come from believing in moral absolutes rather than moving the goal post constantly so i can claim to be winning at life and i am just lowering standard to appear that way, i will joyfully take the ridicule upon. recent studies show a disturbing number of people
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claim no real connection to any faith or commurch or synagogue. i don't blame the secularist. i blame those of us including me who must not have done a good job of making faith seem attractive. maybe the great thelodgians rightous had it right when they sang you lost the loving feeling. the rightous brothers were not that rightous and the loving feeling may not have been the love of god. but what happened? >> i don't think it is because people believe too much. the same study show that people finding their way home from the prodigal's journey want a relationship with god that is strong and certain. people are not falling like lucifer because folks believe too much but because they believe too little. a methodist church will no longer perform a traditional wedding because the state
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doesn't recognize stame-sex marriage. it is it their right to do what they want to do. but doing a cut and paste change. it is it just changed and sauled a sacrament. it reassuring that pope francis's version of being modern is not retooling the church to be more cool but take the unchanging gospel and advance by personal relationship than religious ritual. when i was in israel last month urn ared to the place thatthought to be the tomb much jesus. both sites had one thing in common. they were empty. as a christian who celebrates easter, it is not important to be adored by the world but to be known to be the one who conquered death and invites us to be with him. for the jews, pass overreminds us that god never forgets us.
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he overcomes all obstackles to set us free. having hope and confidence regardless election indicators makes me crazy so be it. i rather be crazy and confident than just plain crazy. [ applause ] he a founding pastor of a church that started with 30 people and quickly grew into a church that had a congeigation of thousands. >> jesus rising from the grave and gathering his followers together on that mountain and giving this message. go into all . world and make disciples. do we understand and all agree he was not talking about just you guys discipling one another? you have to get this message to the whole. somehow i want followers from every. you need to get out there. and get the message. do you understand. you can see the context of
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when jesus spoke that he said reach the people who are not reached. >> francis chan left the cornerstone community church in california and authored four best selling books and spreads his message on the streets of san francisco. francis jan joins us now. it is great to have you here. [ applause ] >> earlier francis, you had a lot of trials and tribulations. your mother died in child birth and your stepmother died in a car accident. i think your dad died when you were 12. this is enough to make most people to mate god. it did not cause you to hate god; why not? >> i had an understanding of what jesus taught in the bible. you will have pain on the earth. we live in a fallen world and there is pain and for me i understood he didn't promise me a easy life. he said it would be difficult
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and because of the fall it is it a world we live in and for me, it caused my to cling more to god. as a kid when your mom and step-mom dies and your dad dies, life is going to be over any second and it is it not about this time on earth. my life end now before the show is over. you start to think that way and go i got to know what this is all about . caused me to search diaper. >> that is it a different gospel. i am not picking anybody out . i often hear preaching that said you turn your life over to jesus, you will never be sick and you will be great and never a problem. that is not my brand. how dodo you convince people to jesus. >> jes jelse explains whatever you sacrifice here on the
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earth, you are going to be rewarded a hundred fold in this life and life to come. get them thinking, about exact words of scripture and staying look, we are supposed to be like jesus. jesus spent his life suffering and all for the future glory and joy. >> you did something that i mean, it just doesn't happen. you had a very emergingly successful dynamic congregation that grew and you had what most pastors pray for every night, big church and influential church and you walked away from it what happened and what made you say that is not what i want to be doing? >> first of all, that hard and i loved those people and i have been there 17 years and this my baby, and we started that church out of our house and saw great things happen. after a while, we have a lot of great leaders in this
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church and i think it would be fine . in fact, they might do better without me, because sometimes we rely too much on people. i hear the words francis chan more than i hear the holy spirit . if we go down that route, that is a bad road to go down . there too much attention on me and when i look in scrimiture, all . glory should go to good. - god. you down sized your live home and hoped it up to total strangers. i want to make sure a radical departure from a conventional life style. how difficult was that to go from essentially being comfortablurn middle class person to living as close to the streets as you have ended up living? >> it so easy. it hard to make the decision because it strange to people and we had so much resistance
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from church people. >> church people? >> like the people who didn't believe in god understood our decision better than the child people. my wife and i as we went down the journey. if you lose your life you will find it and so once you make the difficult decisions and allow people in your house and giving to the poor and you see the result of it. to be in africa and see these kids eating and clothes and vitamin and educated, it brings so much life to you . i just never have been happier . stow it is not so much about the sacrifice, it is about the joy of giving and just that desire to love these people. >> when you first went to your wife and said i am going to sell our house and we'll live like paupers and we'll have a lot of strange people moving
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in. homeless and drug addicts i am sure she hugged you and said that is what we always dreamed of. >> first of all i didn't do that. it when i came back from oafrica. i would look at this stuff. it is so hard, you have to see the kids, they are so beautiful and they are digging through the trash . you got to go with me and see it . she said i will go some day and if you think we need to down size let's do it. she is an amazing women and that hard for her to give up the house and everything; but once she did go overseas with me. she goes i would live off even less. this is amazing. >> i want to you stay with me francis. i want to ask his 12 year old daughter mercy how she feels about the family's new living arrangements, you want to stick around for that. we'll be right back. .
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>> when my daughter comes to me and i say go clean your room, she knows better. she will not come back a coupil of hours later and say i memorized what you said to me. you said go clean your room. what do i say good job that's what i wanted. no . she will not come to me, dad i can say go clean your room in greek. listen, that is not going to fly. you what, my friends and i are going to gather together and every week we are going to study and figure out what it would look like ficlean my room. none of that is going to fly. go and clean it she knows that. why do we think that type of thinking and talk works with jesus. jesus was black and white as you get. he would look at people and say why do you call me lord
5:15 pm
when you don't do what i say? >> we'll ask francis 12 year old daughter mercy what it was like. mercy, my question to you, you suddenly had a different kind of household and people living in your house that well, probably were unusual houseguests to say the least. people out of prison and people on drugs and from the street, how did you handle that and what you're first thought when folks came in? >> it a little strange to begin with. but i think i have gotten to the point where like i have seen the results and how amaze god works through people in the house it is weird if there are no people living with us. >> have you ever been afraid? >> not really. >> i have been some -- afraid of some of the people in my house and they were my kids . dad bringings someone he or
5:16 pm
she will live with us a while. >> it took a while to get used to them . i like when you have someone living with you all of the time you learn to love them even if they are not people you are used to seeing or different. >> did you learn how to clean your room? >> no. >> i just want to clear that up. >> i was worried they might be perfect. >> no far from that. >> do you feel like a lot of christians are missing what it means to follow jesus? >> they are missing out on the blessings that if you let go of this some of this. a lot of people call christians and don't understand what it mean to follow jesus. jesus said that the kingdom of hen is like a man who found a treasure in the field and it with great joy he sells everything i have. i will do anything. give me that field. that's the way we are supposed
5:17 pm
to view our relationship with god. do you understand? i get to have a relationship with him and the one who is making this world spin and one who created us. i know him. where do i sign up? what do i have to give up . most people don't come at it this way. jesus, is he worth it? i am like i don't think you get it. >> a lot of people think you are successful spiritually if you are successful materially. do americans have an unbalanced few of what they possess and what possesses them? >> we love stuff way more than we realize. a lot of people make a big deal of us giving away all of our royaltyings. royaltiless. i think about myself way more
5:18 pm
than i should and way more than others and awn times more than i god. get rid of the stuff now otherwise we know what we will do with it. we'll spend it on stuff that doesn't matter rather than giving it to people who need it and grateful for all eternity. >> your book is called draze love . what is crazy about love. >> it is it god's crazy love for us . if you think there is it a being right now who gave me that breath. he gave me another one and he's in charge of everything and he made the world . the thought that he would his only son die on a cross for me? that is unbelievable. who does that? no one will ever love me that much. that is crazy and the idea that we should be emulating that and say that is the way i
5:19 pm
should be toward others and god. >> that's what the weekend is all about. that kind much crazy love and francis, what a pleasure to have you here and it is it a true joy. thank you, mercy, thank you, honey for being here. am [ applause ] a upon pan handler asks you for money or do you reach in the pocket or keep walking. >> a man who was the pan handler and the woman who made the choice to change their lives forever. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance.
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>> in 1986 laura walk toug church in new york and pass a 11 year old boy who said he was hungly
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and he asked for mon tow buy food. she kept walk then she stop went back to maurice anded to take him to mcdonalds for a burger. his mom on drugs and dad in a street gang and laura knew that high needed more than a meal and next four years laura and maurice they met every monday for lunch and today after 26 years they considered each other family and their story is told in a remarkable new book call would the invisible thread. would you please welcome them. thank you so much. for being here. laura and maurice. this is one of the most touching and refreshing and inspiring stories that i have read in a long time and the book is fantastic and i thought if you made it up. i wouldn't have believed it. it is a true story and walk would by the kid just a few
5:24 pm
blocks from the studio in new york. you turned around and why. why did you turn around? what resonated with me is the words i am hungry and i had never seen a 11 year old pan handler before i couldn't believe he said those words and i said to him. we'll go to mcdonalds and it is interesting, i think that our lives take us in directions and sometimes there are no accidents and there are no. my mother died at twen and she my rock . what comforted me throughout the entire adult life is the fact that she was an angle that look would for me and watched over me and i absolutely believe that she knew i needed something more in my life and she knew maurice needed something to care for him and she brought
5:25 pm
us together. >> it is an amazing thing. you are talking about a standpoint of what maurice did for you and most of us say wow, what you did for maurice . had you been given a coim of bucks and said things would have been different. >> if she said go get a couple bucks get something to eat. >> i live two blockings away from her and my environment drug, violence . chaos . that's all i knew . when i met laura, my whole life changed for the better. >> and did you have a hard time thinking this lady is actually going to take me to eat and walk in central park with me and's going to take and get the first steak i had in my life . what were you thinking as a 11 year old in the same sweat
5:26 pm
pants that you wore. >> i thought she was a god send. i thought that someone looking over me to send me an angel . that's what i believe. i believe the lord sent me an angel when he sent me laur a. >> there is a story and it is so compelling . laura, did you expect this to turn in a 26 year relationship and what point did you realize it is not just a kid taken out to lunch. you can't imagine when we met that day. that maurice would not only change my life but i would change his life and ultimately there is it a incredible ripple affect to the point where his children today will never know from drugs and violence. never could have imagined it. >> maurice, you are married and how many children. >> i have 7 children. >> ranging from six to 21
5:27 pm
years old . you have your own contracting accident. >> yes, i am doing pretty well as far as life is concerned. i just believe that love and happiness is, is the most pleasure you can get out of life and that's what i have. i remember when laura took me to her sister's house and this is the point that my life changed. laura asked me what the greatest thing about the sister's house. she had a lawn and back yard and basement and all types was toys and things and we went bike riding and one thing that stood out to me is a table. her sister had a long table and they shared love across the table with their family. >> you had never seen it before. >> you ever had a meal with your family, your own parents?
5:28 pm
>> not on the table. >> never . the beauty about that is, from that point on, that the first time i had dreamed about doing things in life . i have a small apartment in manhattan and i have a dining room with a long tabling. >> and well, with 7 kids, you need a long table. there is it a great story out of the book that touching and laura, you asked to help him have lunch at school. that the only meal you ever got and youmented a lunch in a brown bag. explain why that mattered to you that it came in a brown bag? >> the reason i believe it came in a brown bag and it mattered to me, when i went to school, i would see all . kids coming with the lunch and brown paper bag and for me, i knew someone cared about them and i knew someone loved them and they put time into give
5:29 pm
them a lunch and brown paper bag . she asked me one day, she said i would give you money or make you lunch . i told her, listen i don't want your money but if you put my lunch in a brown paper bag. someone would know that kids would know that someone cared about me. >> laura, what did that say to you? >> it took my breath away. >> it took my breath away. and here i. the 11 year old kid teaching me things. he taught me the definition of lunch in a paper bag. it is only brown paper and what you put into it love. >> he knew he wanted lunch in a brown paper bag over money. >> that is one of the most touching stories in the book. >> the book is call would the
5:30 pm
invisible thretted. where did the title come from? >> i love the story, a month before my co-author and i alex who is here today as well. we couldn't come wup a name. every name i came up with he didn't like and i had to go to duane reed to buy a birthday card and i used to like to go to my local card store. next thing i knew i am lookingalt the card and there is an old saying about an invisible thread that connects those that are destined to meet. i am so happy you are in my life and happy birthday and i thought oh, my gold. that - god. that is the relationship maurice and i have. an invisible thread. i called out. i have the name the invisible thread . i received so many e-mails
5:31 pm
from so many people saying i have a special relationship with this person. but i have never known the definition of it . basically what you have done with the book is define my relationship. we were meant to be in each other's lives and it an invisible thread that connected us. >> speaking birthdayings. at one of your birthdayings, maurice there to offer a toast. it very special and we have a tape on it. >> she saved my life. i was going down the wrong road . mother died bless her soul . my mother was on drugs at the time. the lord sent me an angel and my angel is laur a. and i am so glad to be at the 50th birthday.
5:32 pm
>> is that the best toast ever. >> and do you know, that when he came to the party, i said to mim. by the way, very few people are going to make a toast. i would love for you to make a toast and an hour later he made that toast. >> you ought to be the head of the toast masters. you were so good at it >> thank you, god bless you and what pay wonderful and needed story for all of us to have in this new year. >> coming up. a young man who said christianity and religion is two different things. he has sensation jeff bakey is next. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
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new threats from north korea including a declar of the state of war with south korea. the white house is taking the threat seriously and ready to defend our allies and addeded that the statement is a long history of belacoats rhetoric. in tulse aoklahoma, long lines of people getting tested for deadly diseases all patients of one man an oral surgeon . now the testing for hiv and hepatitis cs going to 7000 people who went to the dr. harington in the last 7 yearings. there is an investigation after a patient tested positive for hepatitis c. we'll go back to huckabee. have a good night. >> he said he loves jesus and hates readings. his youtube videos received measure than 40 million hits .
5:37 pm
it started with a controversial message. >> he build churches and fail to feed the poor. single mom doesn't love them . old testament god called religious people whores. >> jeff stopped by to talk about authtentic faith. >> good to have you here. >> thank you. >> some people probably look at you and think of you as a modern day prophet jerimiah called out the religious people. how do you see yourself in the role? >> i love jesus and i am really just inalled with his grace. we have layers and then we mute and muscle how awesome and beautiful he s. i use my gift and what i do and peel the scales back and see who he really is. >> you are getting at the heart of what faith really is
5:38 pm
. faith equates faith with things that are earthly and temperol . one of the shots you took is people who make politics equal to jes jelse. let's watch this one. >> what if i told you voting republican was not his and republican doesn't mean christian and just balse you call people blind. >> and jesus didn't ride the elephant down the streets of jesus. >> yes, i caught flack for that line . more than anything a idolatry statement than political. but my point is, there is many things that the bible said is good. money sex and politics and et cetera . when they are ultimate they become bad thing. can we make sure we are not elevating politics and worth
5:39 pm
from it our identity is put in jesus. the truth is, you can tell if you made an idol of something based on if you demonize the people opposite of the you. you can disagree and the minute you idolize. rather than than saying yes, there is a dialogue and chat and pursue truth . if we worship and elevate politics. they say they are the root of evil and the problem and that is unhealthy. >> i am going to tell you something. it is just betweenulse, i think you are absolutely right . i think the fact is a lot of people elevate politics way beyond where it should. a hundred years from now. i will not still be a republican but i will be a believer and that's what i do understand and i get it i totally get what you are saying. >> here is another message
5:40 pm
that you have getting the message and see what you think about it. >> knowing judges, and putting on a fake look. because of the problem people know you that you are a christian by the facebook. >> that's a good one. don't put on a fake look. people don't know you by the facebook. >> that is it a good one. >> and you can host the show, too . you are not going to get to. okay. >> talk about the fact that people put on the outward appearance . they are not lovely inside. >> yeah, i think specifically in the path where jesus addresses in the gospels and he said the pharasee and the outside of the cup is amaze shining and beautiful. but in the old testament god makes it clear he is not after external behavior and desires to be transformed by him. >> you talk about the conflict of jesus and religion.
5:41 pm
by religion a. how do you define that. should we not go to church. northwest context with seattle and portland. religion is part of the legalistic and self rightous type of thing. church, i am a huge believer in church and i love church and i go to church and the church is more upon an organd the body of christ andit bride of christ. i never want people to take it that way and i never want to believe i talk badly about christ's wife. it will not go well for me . are you shocked by the reaction. 22 million views . my gosh, man . there are rock stars out there that would like to have 22 million people know whoo they are. jeff didn't always know jesus or talk about them and make them feel bad about what they said. i am going to ask him how he found jesus when we come back. stay with us.
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this is me, too. act being like church kid and addicted to pornography. sunday going to church and saturday acted if i was created to have sex and get wasted. i spent my life of facade and neatness and now i know jesus, i boast in my weakness. [ applause ] >> that is a pretty unusual statement for people who never read the bible. boasting in your weakness.
5:46 pm
in america is it is strong and tough. >> paul said it in the letter to the corinthians when you have jesus, jesus is representing you as a christian andee's representing you on behalf to the father. cuboast in your weakness and free to fail because you are not representing yourself and there should be christians that are transparent and vulnerable people on earth. we are the only ones who don't represent ourselves yourself. >> did you come to a realize of faith in christ late in life. >> i grew up and had the cultural identity of christ and god got ahold of my heart in college . poetry is not my full-time job. we plant launched a college ministry in tacoma area. god got ahold of me then.
5:47 pm
and other things that are calling you in college. >> jeff, i can understand how it touches people who are college and younger people. but is it provocative to the point people are mad and criticize you because of what you say? >> yes, there is staunch criticism. where decoit come from. religious people? >> i have to take the critism and say what am i getting crit for . jesus said the same thing and what am i getting criticism for because i am an idio. >> that is tough to sit in prayer, hey, jesus because i am representing you or can i get better and learn to grow here. >> what is your long-term goal? 22 million hits puts you in the strat fear. >> go with rebecca black and all of that stuff. >> your message is better than
5:48 pm
the rebecca black song is going to be. obviously you have struck a nerve with people. tell me what you hope to achieve long-term. >> i have a huge heart for discipleship. get people to raise their hand for jesus and make cool videos. i want to impact the college demographic and get them to make disciples in the nation and infect him with his grace. >> i commend you. it is so unique and encouraging you to take on the institutions including that of organized religion and not being authtentic and i think all of us want that. jeff, it is it a delight to be here. thank you very much. >> ♪ what's droid-smart ?
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with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.
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>> three young brothers from new jersey with a world ofital yent they wowed the crowd and you loved them on our show. please welcome back for the fourth time our favorite musical guest 11 year old john ye14 year old rob ye15 year old tommy. the banjo boys. >> thanks for having us back. >> you have been to the grand old opry and the old ryman theater . you played with ricky skags . is there a highlight of what you have done? >> i would say everything so far we have done is amazing for us. god opened so many doors in our life we are happy to go through and this is one of them. >> it was mart to say that. yeah. there may be a fifth time on the show if you keep that up.
5:53 pm
>> robby tell me about how you took the sleepy man banjo. >> every since johnny learning the banjo. he was half six year old being funny and he would lie on his back and play the banjo. we started the band with that name. >> it is a great name. johnny, you don't mind being the sleepy man of the banjo bise. >> he lives up to his name. >> if people never held a ban jo. it is heavy. >> pretty heaveny. >> does the ban joor you weigh more. >> probably the banjo. >> and when you started it did weigh as much. >> probably. >> and what is the latest in recordingings, you put out cd's. >> we thought about getting a third album this summer and we have two cd's out.
5:54 pm
america's music last year and two years ago, sorry and last year we did one. >> and all of you are phenomenal musicians in your own right and together, three of you are amazing. >> thank you . i am exciting about geting to play with you . appreciate for you being so open minded who an old geezer who is rock baser of play wu. >> you are doing rock wood deer chase. sound said like fun. let's do it. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:55 pm
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♪ [ applause ] >> the sleepy man ban joboyings. we loched to have them here and hope you have a wonderful
5:57 pm
easterp weekend. until next week this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. ♪ breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine.
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